An artist provides the world a path of escapes and captures. They help us escape from monotonies and capture us with inspiration. They make us escape limitations and capture us with the possibilities of limitlessness. An artist is a link to the creative divine; they are like gushing water in a dry landscape. All successful civilizations of the past have produced timeless artists. They are the collective symbols of a nation’s prosperity, balance and happiness. Visvamitra is proud to give this award for extra-ordinary artists who have impacted the society through their various art forms.

AWARDED TO Mr. Giacomo Braglia

Mr.Giacomo Braglia is a very young Swiss artist, of international fame, who has participated in several exhibitions (Venice Biennale 2019, Art Cologne 2018, Contini Art UK Gallery 2017). His works portray the pure essence of everyday life, moving and inspiring those who admire them and contemplate the aesthetic details of each composition. He has shared his artistic experience with photographers such as Enzo Barracco, Giorgio Panzera. His photographic development was inspired by his grandfather Gabriele. Despite his very young age, all of Giacomo’s artistic efforts are aimed at awakening consciousness, in order to raise awareness of social and environmental problems.

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