Awards Overview

What drives one to work?
Work is driven by a set of compulsions and needs which each one of us sees differently. In each profession, the one who excels is hardly the one who is going behind money, name or fame. A lone wolf in any field of human activity may achieve short term success but hardly sustain in the long term. Only an individual or an organization that creates a conducive environment for collective success sustains. The Visvamitra International Award of Excellence is a sincere quest to identify and recognise individuals and institutions who have shared their success with others.

The initiative receives nominations from participants across the world spanning multiple categories such as Medicine, Law, Journalism, Corporate HR, Women Entrepreneurship to name a few. The awards are aimed at transforming the Visvarathas of today who are driven towards personal success, into new age Visvamitras, those who will not merely achieve success but enable the collective success of the larger society.

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