Awardees 2019


Mr. Soumya Ranjan Patnaik is a family name in Orissa (India), is the name of an intellectual and visionary. His love and commitment to the state of Orissa is reflected in all the efforts he has made during his career, as a pioneer in the field of media with the daily newspaper Sambad, as a philanthropist through the activities of the Aama Odisha Charitable Trust or in the role of politician. He is known as the Media Mogul (Emperor) of Orissa. Founder and publisher of the “Largest Circulated Daily Sambad”, he is also the founder of the “Popular TV Channel Kanak News”, Radio Chocolate, Odisha Sun Times and Eastern Media Limited. He has distinguished himself with particular merit for his contribution to the Oria language and for the protection of the rights of Orissa’s farmers.


Dr.Doina Napa graduated in medicine and pharmacy from Cluj Napoca, Romania. For over 38 years she has dedicated her career to paediatrics and has devoted herself immensely to the well-being of thousands of children and their families. As a young doctor, she accepted to operate in the most remote villages of northern Romania, contributing to the development of medical centers for the care of children. Dr. Doina Napa cared for thousands of children from poor family backgrounds or from disadvantaged ethnic minorities. Nowadays, she works as a family doctor and is a point of reference for more than 3000 people.


Dr. Arianna Squillante is a surgeon with excellent qualities. An indefatigable scholar, since her first years of activity she has spent her time in deepening the research of the holistic well-being of Man. She is a specialist in clinical biology, homeopathy, homotoxicology, acupuncture, integrated aesthetic medicine, natural dietetics, functional medicine, homeopathic resonance. She is also a professor of aesthetic medicine, acupuncture and analgesic medicine in acupuncture. She has developed techniques that combine homeopathy with homotoxicology as well as acupuncture and tuina techniques.


SIFI is an Italian pharmaceutical company, founded in 1935, leader in the field of ophthalmology. Sifi patents, produces and distributes specific innovative drugs, surgical drugs and medical devices. Headquartered in Catania, Sifi is known for its ability to attract professionals, providing interesting career opportunities and high welfare standards for its employees. The company’s HR policy is strongly focused on meritocratic and ethical values, in respect of which it encourages a reward system in favor of professionalism and innovation skills, with particular attention to the talent of young people.


GUNA SpA is a leading pharmaceutical company in Italy in the production and distribution of complementary low-dose and biological drugs, dietary supplements and medical devices, distributed in over 30 countries worldwide. The company adopts a vision of Man as a unity of body, emotions, mind and spirit. In this context, GUNA has distinguished itself for having proposed a business model characterized by a strong social drive. The conviction is that by contributing to the evolution of society and the quality of life, companies and their markets also benefit, creating a virtuous cycle.


Dr. Maria Grazia Micieli is a biologist specialized in pathology. She has 30 years of experience in the environmental field and has put her skills and qualities at the disposal of various local authorities in Syracuse engaged in the chemical monitoring of water and air. Since 2002, she has been the administrator for several companies operating in the field of chemical and microbiological analysis. Member of the National Council of the Order of Biologists and President of the Italian Society of Applied Biology Association”, she is currently CEO of the PQA s.r.l. Analysis Centre founded in 2008, an environmental analysis laboratory accredited by Accredia.


Mr. Federico Pipitone, after graduating in Law in Pavia, returned to his homeland, Sicily, to contribute to his father’s company. After a short time, he decided to found his own business investing on his own modern idea. Following his intuition of business model, in 2018 he founded Adempi s.r.l., a company active in the field of credit management. In just one year of activity, the company absorbed the entire staff of its father’s previous company and managed to reach a credit portfolio of over 89 million euros, reaching break even point in the first year.


Mr. Welton Roberto, Brazilian lawyer, member of the National Bar Council in Brazil, PhD in criminal procedure at the University of Pavia and at the Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil), scholar expert in fundamental rights at the Federal University of Alagoas, (Brazil), where he teaches as a professor. He is the author of several books on law. Prof. Roberto has dedicated more than one book to his neighbor with the associations “Desapega Tri”, with which he provides sports equipment to economically disadvantaged children and with “Law Found on the Streets” with which he provides pro bono legal activities in favor of the poorest.


Lieutenant Alfio Mammino is the commander of the barracks of the Carabinieri of Syracuse since 2002, recipient in 2011 of the honor of “Knight to the Order of the Republic” and in 2018 of the “Mauritian Medal” for merit in military career. He is a man who has dedicated his life to defending the law and helping others. He was recruited in January 1976 and is an example of admirable passion, constant foresight and perfect balance. It is no coincidence that he is deeply appreciated by the authorities and by all the citizens of Syracuse.


Mr. Francesco Fresa, together with Arch. Monica Tricario and Gino Garbellini, founded in 1996 Piuarch, an international studio famous for its collaborations with the most famous high fashion brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi, Givenchy. In 2013 the studio received the “Italian Architect” award as well as two gold medals for the honorable mention at the Milan Triennial. Many times Piuarch has performed at the Venice Architecture Biennale, and has obtained several publications and dedicated monographs. Piuarch is not just an architecture studio. It stands out for its commitment to the search for urban regeneration, the redevelopment of spaces. The studio’s mission is to develop compensatory actions that allow a return to a human and social dimension of the cities of the future, helping to restore the balance between progress and social interaction.


Ms.Alessia Montani is the founder of the M’AMA SEEDS startup project derived from the experience of M’AMA ART. The concept behind the project is the idea of returning to a sustainable diet. To do this, it is imperative to recover the heritage of ancient grains. The course has involved an intense activity of study and research, commissioned to universities and medical facilities that aim to deepen the links between the reuse of ancient grains, even more than 3,000 years old, and the prevention / treatment of many modern diseases, such as celiac disease, psoriasis and other forms of gluten intolerances.


Mr.Yasu Jinen was born in 1947 in Japan, a chiropractor and yoga teacher. He has trained many teachers, organized several retreats in Japan and India. He is committed to bringing Sadhaka and practitioners to the understanding of yogic values and Vedic culture. Since 2004, he has been constantly traveling to the Himalayas. He has taught Yoga in the maternity wards of hospitals where he has helped more than 1500 pregnant women. In particular, he has helped to develop precise yoga techniques to facilitate the correct positioning of children in view of childbirth.   As a teacher he has worked to alleviate back problems and many other physical problems. Founder of Jinen Yoga Family in Usuki, Oita, Japan.


Mr.Giacomo Braglia is a very young Swiss artist, of international fame, who has participated in several exhibitions (Venice Biennale 2019, Art Cologne 2018, Contini Art UK Gallery 2017). His works portray the pure essence of everyday life, moving and inspiring those who admire them and contemplate the aesthetic details of each composition. He has shared his artistic experience with photographers such as Enzo Barracco, Giorgio Panzera. His photographic development was inspired by his grandfather Gabriele. Despite his very young age, all of Giacomo’s artistic efforts are aimed at awakening consciousness, in order to raise awareness of social and environmental problems.


Ms.Sindhutai Sapkal, affectionately known as the “mother of orphans” is an Indian social activist very famous for her work in caring for orphans in her country. Born in 1948 into a family of cattle breeders. Unwanted child, she was called Chindi (expression meaning “piece of torn fabric”). Against her mother’s will, her father fought to have her studied, sending her to school in secret, under the pretext of grazing. She used the leaf from the Bharadi tree as a blackboard, because she could not afford anything more. Growing up in absolute poverty, she was married when she was only 9 years old to a man 20 years older than her. At the age of 20 Sapkal already had three children. Pregnant with her third child, she was beaten by her husband and gave birth to her daughter Mamta in a state of semi-consciousness. Left alone, she started begging on the streets and in train stations to survive. To protect herself from the risk of being harassed by men at night, she started sleeping in cemeteries. For this reason, she was called a ghost. In this condition she realized the huge number of abandoned children. Then she began to adopt them and beg even harder, for the responsibility of having to feed them. At that time she made the decision to become the mother of all the orphans who came to her. She fed more than 1400 orphans. Sapkal has dedicated her entire life to children. Many of the children she adopted have become respected professionals. She has been awarded 273 prizes for her devotion and work. She has always donated funds for the purchase of new facilities for her children and is constantly working to get support through donations. Sanmati Bal Niketan, the home of the orphanage, is located in Hadapsar, Pune, India, where more than 300 children reside. Even today, she uses all her money to feed her children.

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