Sponsors and Partners

The Visvamitra team expresses our heartfelt thanks all our Sponsors and Partners for their support in making the Visvamitra International Awards 2019 a reality. We also thank the Indian Embassy in Roma for their presence during the Award ceremony.

Our Sponsors

Adempi is a Field Credit Collection Agency specializing in credit management and recovery from Public Administration and National Health Service bodies, with particular reference to Southern Italian Regions. The Adempi credit management model is based on standardized and consolidated processes, which represent the certificate of excellence of the services offered. Website: http://www.adempi.it/

Villa Chiara, Assisted Therapeutic Community, is a treatment home for serious mental disorders. Numerous environmental and group mediators intervene to carry out therapeutic intervention. The sharing of everyday life in a community represents a healing tool that is expressed through the group of patients, caregivers, families and local area network. Villa Chiara is accredited with the National Health system and has a building complex located in the upper area of Mascalucia. Website: https://www.comunitavillachiara.it

The PQA srl analysis center company is a consulting company in the environmental sector and has an Accredia accredited analysis laboratory. It is also ISO 9001 Certified (Quality Management) and ISO 17025 Certified (Competence Of Testing And Calibration Laboratories) Address: Corso Gelone, 82, 96100 Siracusa SR Phone: +39 0931 483018

Our Partners

We thank Siracusa Municipality for being the co-organisers of the Visvamitra Awards 2019.

Siracusa Municipality

Yoga Vidya Onlus is our parent organization. Website: http://yogavidyaitalia.it/

MediaEgo Srl is the publishing company of Medical Excellence TV, the leading newspaper of the first and only portal and web TV that actually puts the various and qualified actors of Italian medicine online. In fact, Medicalexcellence.tv is a network that finally brings together doctors, public and private hospital facilities, pharmaceutical companies and citizen users on a single platform. Medicalexcellence.tv has acquired considerable experience in the medical field, taking care of setting up congresses and satellite connections in Italy, America, India and Russia, for the live broadcasting of surgical operations. Website: https://www.medicalexcellencetv.it

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