About Visvamitra

In ancient India, there lived a famous emperor, Visvaratha. He was an emperor of great personal achievement. The Emperor, in course, turned by the tides of his Karma, transformed himself into a great Sage of repute, one came to be known for his sharing and caring for the Universe. He was then called Visvamitra – the Friend of the Universe

Visvamitra is synonymous with those motivated individuals who do not stop with achieving success, but continue to empower and motivate others to succeed.

A Brief Note on Sage Visvamitra

Visvamitra is a Brahmarishi; the tallest of Rishis (sages) who had attained enlightenment (Moksha) and freedom from the cycle of birth and death (Jivanamukta). He is credited as the author of most of the third Mandala (section) of the Rigveda, including Gayatri Mantra. His name features in various Hindu sacred texts such as Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Vishnu Purana. Popularly recollected as a sage of high temper and anger, Visvamitra was also known for his compassion towards all beings. He is known for often using the power of his immense penance (tapasya) to help anyone who was in need, irrespective of the cost he had to pay himself. A popular folklore around Visvamitra is about how he once created his own version of heaven to help King Trishanku, who was refused entry into Heaven. This heaven was known as Trishanku Swarga, which was later transformed into the Southern Cross (Crux) constellation.

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