Award Categories

  • Empowering People’s Voice

The field of journalism is at a cross roads today. With the dawn of social media, almost everyone today has become a pseudo-journalist. Adding to it is the growing commercialization of journalism where 24×7 news channels, are constantly looking to surpass competition by hunting for news every second of the day, all around the year. Reporting news as it is and communicating opinions without selective bias are the biggest challenges facing journalists today. Visvamitra salutes the spirit of honest journalists, who are enabling people to see what they ought to see, without bias and with an intention to give righteousness its due place in society.

  • Medicine

Medical breakthroughs and innovations have defined much of the last century. But it is also painfully true that this is also the time when the average health of a human being has gone downhill. Starting from hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and even mental diseases are seen to be on the rise. The future of healthcare lies with doctors, practitioners and physicians, who keep their patient’s health at the center of their focus, and not get carried away by the compulsions of competition and financial growth. The Visvamitra International Award for Medicine will honour those for whom the health of their patients stand supreme.

  • Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine systems are regaining lost ground today. Ancient systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Oriental medicine are a source of traditional knowledge that can help bridge many gaps that currently exist in the world of medicine. Harmony with nature, adherence to a healthy lifestyle, etc, that lies at the core of such traditional systems, are slowly becoming a pivotal part of global healthcare initiatives. The Visvamitra International Award for Alternative Medicine will highlight those who are bringing such ancient systems back to life and working towards the betterment of health for all of mankind.

  • Corporate HR

In the corporate world, companies consider profit as an end in itself and see customer expectations as the first and last objective of all endeavors. This often leads to intense work pressure amongst employees, resulting in a loss of self-esteem, interest and motivation. It is imperative that organisations who intend to build a legacy for themselves, need to create an internal culture where every employee feels valued. The Corporate HR excellence award aims to honor those selfless Human Resources professionals who derive their happiness from seeing their fellow employees happy.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR has over years evolved from being considered an internal voluntary organizational policy to mandatory schemes at regional, national and even transnational levels. In a crude way, it is a form of “Conscious Capitalism” where capitalist corporations become more conscious of the society, the environment that they inherit, leverage and utilize to make their goals happen. The Visvamitra International Award for CSR is reflective of the central principle by which Sage Visvamitra lived. It honours all corporates who are self-aware and dutiful enough to support the society and environment they make use of, every day.

  • Women Entrepreneurship

The success of a collective group, be it a small family or a nation of many millions, can be directly drawn from the prosperity and happiness of women in their fold. Sage Visvamitra, is also the giver of the divine Gayatri Mantra, a hymn to the Goddess Gayatri who protects and showers prosperity to all those who worship her. It is a hymn that millions of Hindus all over the world chant each day. In the spirit of the divine Gayatri, the Visvamitra International Award for Women Entrepreneurship will honour women who are living symbols of protection and prosperity to those who depend on them.

  • Startup Company

In a world that is increasingly getting monopolized by large corporations, aspiring startups bring the much needed market balance. A successful startup underlines a core idea that it fervently believes, and exhibits a sign of will power that inspires many others too. It gives its employees a sense of purpose and makes careers as something that goes beyond a regular salary. In this sense, every startup entrepreneur is a Visvamitra, who are challenging status quo and working to create a new legacy. It is our privilege to identify and recognize the best Startup minds of today, who are working for a noble cause that will benefit the larger society.

  • Law

The judicial system ensures a stable, just and equitable society. Lawyers are the torchbearers of the judicial system, a platform where the rights of individuals are guaranteed and protected. The role of the lawyer was born and developed to ensure respect for the fundamental principles of our system, giving voice to the facts and arguments of those who believe they are victims of a wrong. The arguments are processed and weighed by the Judges, guardians of the balance of justice. In the field of law, success can be used to nurture prosperity and to restore order and harmony. Visvamitra rewards the valuable service provided by judges, lawyers and all professionals committed to a democratic and secure society.

  • Forces of Order /Policing

Maintaining law and order has always been a key function of governance since ages.  According to Kautilya, an Indian Statesman and Philosopher from the 3rd BCE, who wrote the highly acclaimed Arthashastra, security and prosperity go hand-in-hand. Officially constituted bodies that enforce law and order, is a pre-requisite for any nation that is aiming to achieve prosperity. The Visvamitra International Award for Forces of Order is aimed at bringing to the forefront, individuals and organisations who are constantly working for societal safety and security.

  • Architecture and Engineering

There is a saying that an architect designs for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is unknown. This explains the significance of architecture. Architects and engineers are truly magicians in their own right creating wonderful things for the world. Visvamitra takes pride in recognising the wonderful contributions of these magicians who inspire us continuously by their ingenious creations.

  • Agriculture

We all may need a doctor or a lawyer once in a while. But we need a farmer every day, in fact we need his services three times a day. Agriculture and Farming are one of the oldest trades that mankind perfected. With a burgeoning global population, agriculture and farming have become sensitive political issues across every nation in the world today. Agriculture is not just a job but a way of life for farmers. They are emotionally connected to their lands and look after them like their own children. This care and emotion ensures that people around the world are fed properly. Visvamitra salutes these heroes who keep themselves motivated despite many odds and feed the world by continuing their agriculture profession.

  • Yoga

The origins of Yoga date back to pre-Vedic times, thousands of years ago. Yoga is a discipline that goes beyond asanas (or exercises) and is a lifestyle that helps one live in harmony with oneself and the world. With heightened material prosperity, many people have realized the limitations of pure material gratification. To them Yoga comes across as an ideal venue that helps them not just live healthy but with a sense of satisfaction. Visvamitra aims to identify all those Yoga teachers and practitioners who propagate Yoga for the benefit and welfare of humanity.

  • Arts

An artist provides the world a path of escapes and captures. They help us escape from monotonies and capture us with inspiration. They make us escape limitations and capture us with the possibilities of limitlessness. An artist is a link to the creative divine; they are like gushing water in a dry landscape. All successful civilizations of the past have produced timeless artists. They are the collective symbols of a nation’s prosperity, balance and happiness. Visvamitra is proud to give this award for extra-ordinary artists who have impacted the society through their various art forms.

  • Mother

The Mother is a role that has no parallels. It is the most divine of all roles one can ever play in a lifetime. There is no culture in the world that does not worship Motherhood, there is no language in the world that does not praise the value of a Mother. A Mother is the first teacher, and the first God. All great men and women owe their success to their Mothers. Visvamitra International Award for Motherhood is a recognition to those who uphold the virtues of Motherhood and lead the society by example.

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