Yoga and Culture

The origins of Yoga date back to pre-Vedic times, thousands of years ago. Yoga is a discipline that goes beyond asanas (or exercises) and is a lifestyle that helps one live in harmony with oneself and the world. With heightened material prosperity, many people have realized the limitations of pure material gratification. To them Yoga comes across as an ideal venue that helps them not just live healthy but with a sense of satisfaction. Visvamitra aims to identify all those Yoga teachers and practitioners who propagate Yoga for the benefit and welfare of humanity.

AWARDED TO Mr. Yasu Jinen

Mr.Yasu Jinen was born in 1947 in Japan, a chiropractor and yoga teacher. He has trained many teachers, organized several retreats in Japan and India. He is committed to bringing Sadhaka and practitioners to the understanding of yogic values and Vedic culture. Since 2004, he has been constantly traveling to the Himalayas. He has taught Yoga in the maternity wards of hospitals where he has helped more than 1500 pregnant women. In particular, he has helped to develop precise yoga techniques to facilitate the correct positioning of children in view of childbirth.   As a teacher he has worked to alleviate back problems and many other physical problems. Founder of Jinen Yoga Family in Usuki, Oita, Japan.

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