Excellence in Medicine

Medical breakthroughs and innovations have defined much of the last century. But it is also painfully true that this is also the time when the average health of a human being has gone downhill. Starting from hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and even mental diseases are seen to be on the rise. The future of healthcare lies with doctors, practitioners and physicians, who keep their patient’s health at the center of their focus, and not get carried away by the compulsions of competition and financial growth. The Visvamitra International Award for Medicine will honour those for whom the health of their patients stand supreme.


Dr.Doina Napa graduated in medicine and pharmacy from Cluj Napoca, Romania. For over 38 years she has dedicated her career to paediatrics and has devoted herself immensely to the well-being of thousands of children and their families. As a young doctor, she accepted to operate in the most remote villages of northern Romania, contributing to the development of medical centers for the care of children. Dr. Doina Napa cared for thousands of children from poor family backgrounds or from disadvantaged ethnic minorities. Nowadays, she works as a family doctor and is a point of reference for more than 3000 people.

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