Excellence in maintaining Order

Maintaining law and order has always been a key function of governance since ages.  According to Kautilya, an Indian Statesman and Philosopher from the 3rd BCE, who wrote the highly acclaimed Arthashastra, security and prosperity go hand-in-hand. Officially constituted bodies that enforce law and order, is a pre-requisite for any nation that is aiming to achieve prosperity. The Visvamitra International Award for Forces of Order is aimed at bringing to the forefront, individuals and organisations who are constantly working for societal safety and security.


Lieutenant Alfio MAMMINO, Commander of the Main Station of Syracuse since 2002, is a military man of great experience. He has been able to manage, every area of service and situations in the capital station of Syracuse with admirable passion, constant foresight and great balance. He is highly esteemed and well-liked by the authorities and citizens. He has forged fruitful relationships with all the staff employed through a command action that is always attentive, considered and based on example.

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