Excellence in Law

The judicial system ensures a stable, just and equitable society. Lawyers are the torchbearers of the judicial system, a platform where the rights of individuals are guaranteed and protected. The role of the lawyer was born and developed to ensure respect for the fundamental principles of our system, giving voice to the facts and arguments of those who believe they are victims of a wrong. The arguments are processed and weighed by the Judges, guardians of the balance of justice. In the field of law, success can be used to nurture prosperity and to restore order and harmony. Visvamitra rewards the valuable service provided by judges, lawyers and all professionals committed to a democratic and secure society.


Mr.Welton Roberto, Lawyer from Brazil, member of the national board of Bar in Brazil, PhD in Criminal International Justice by Università degli Studi di Pavia; PhD in Penal Process by Universidade Federal de Pernambuco РBrazil, master in Fundamental Rights by Universidade Federal de Alagoas РBrazil, author of several law books.

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