Excellence in Agriculture

We all may need a doctor or a lawyer once in a while. But we need a farmer every day, in fact we need his services three times a day. Agriculture and Farming are one of the oldest trades that mankind perfected. With a burgeoning global population, agriculture and farming have become sensitive political issues across every nation in the world today. Agriculture is not just a job but a way of life for farmers. They are emotionally connected to their lands and look after them like their own children. This care and emotion ensures that people around the world are fed properly. Visvamitra salutes these heroes who keep themselves motivated despite many odds and feed the world by continuing their agriculture profession.


Ms.Alessia Montani is the founder of M’AMA.SEEDS project, which belongs to M’AMA.ART. It stems from the idea of returning to a sustainable diet that cannot be separated from recovery from ancient seeds. It is carrying out a complex program of initiatives and activities aimed at deepening the correlation between the possible reuse of ancient seeds and the prevention / treatment of diseases and disorders such as celiac disease, psoriasis, irritable bowel and other forms of gluten intolerance.

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