Awardees 2019


Mr. Soumya Ranjan Patnaik is a household name in Odisha, an intellectual and a visionary. His love and commitment to Odisha and Odias is reflected in all his endeavours, be it the media pioneer Sambad, the philanthropic Aama Odisha Charitable Trust or as a politician. He is known as Media Mogul (Emperor) of Odisha. Founding Editor, Printer and Publisher of Largest Circulated Daily Sambad, Founder of Popular TV Channel Kanak News, Radio Chocolate, Odisha Sun Times and Eastern Media Limited. His contribution towards Odia Language and protecting the rights of farmers of Odisha is remarkable.


Dr.Doina Napa is a graduate of Medicine and Pharmacy from Cluj Napoca, Romania. She has fully dedicated the last 38 years to practice pediatrics and has immensely contributed to the welfare of thousands of children and their families. As a young physician, she worked in remote villages in the Northern part of Romania and helped develop medical centres where children were treated. Dr Doina Napa has looked after thousands of children from unprivileged families and minorities. Currently she is a family doctor caring for the well being of more than 3000 persons.


Dr.Arianna Squillante is a surgeon, specialist in Clinical Biology, specializing in Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Acupuncture, Integrated Biological Aesthetic Medicine, Natural Dietetics, Functional Medicine, Resonance Homeopathy, Professor of Aesthetic Medicine in Acupuncture and Analgesic Medicine in Acupuncture. In rehabilitation she combines homeopathic and homotoxicological drugs, acupuncture and Tuina technique.


SIFI is the leading Italian ophthalmic company, focused on eye care since 1935. SIFI designs, manufactures and markets innovative pharmaceutical specialty products, surgical and medical devices. Headquartered in Catania, Italy, SIFI is known for its ability to attract human resources for its career and remuneration opportunities. Its HR policies also focus on rewarding courage, capability for innovation and empowerment of young talent.


GUNA S.P.A., Pharmaceutical Company leader in Italy in production and distribution of complementary, low-dose and biological medicine, food supplements, medical devices, distributed in over 30 Countries in the world.


Dr. Maria Grazia Micieli is a Biologist specialized in Pathology. She has thirty years of experience in the environmental field consulting for various local authorities in the Province of Syracuse on the chemical monitoring of drinking water and air. Since 2002 she has been the administrator of companies operating in the field of chemical analysis and microbiology. She is currently the CEO of Centro Analisi PQA srl. The company started operations in 2008 and has an environmental analysis laboratory accredited by the “Accredia” National Accreditation Body designated by the Italian government.


Mr. Federico Pipitone, after a degree in Law in Milan, returned to his homeland, Sicily, to help his father in his company. After a short time he decided to start his own business with a modern business concept. Following his own vision, Federico in 2017 founded Adempi srl, a field credit collection company. The company has managed to grow its portfolio to 70 million Euros, and has quickly reached the break even point within a short span of two years. Adempi has now absorbed all the staff who were previously employed by the his father’s company.


Mr.Welton Roberto, Lawyer from Brazil, member of the national board of Bar in Brazil, PhD in Criminal International Justice by Università degli Studi di Pavia; PhD in Penal Process by Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – Brazil, master in Fundamental Rights by Universidade Federal de Alagoas – Brazil, author of several law books.


Lieutenant Alfio MAMMINO, Commander of the Main Station of Syracuse since 2002, is a military man of great experience. He has been able to manage, every area of service and situations in the capital station of Syracuse with admirable passion, constant foresight and great balance. He is highly esteemed and well-liked by the authorities and citizens. He has forged fruitful relationships with all the staff employed through a command action that is always attentive, considered and based
on example.


Mr.Francesco Fresa, one of the co-founders of Piuarch, an international Studio famous for its collaboration with some of the major international fashion brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi & Givenchy. The studio, which received the “Italian Architect” award of the year 2013” and two Gold Medals for Mention of Honour at the Milan Triennial, has been exhibited several times in the at the Venice Biennale of Architecture and has obtained numerous publications and dedicated monographs.


Ms.Alessia Montani is the founder of M’AMA.SEEDS project, which belongs to M’AMA.ART. It stems from the idea of returning to a sustainable diet that cannot be separated from recovery from ancient seeds. It is carrying out a complex program of initiatives and activities aimed at deepening the correlation between the possible reuse of ancient seeds and the prevention / treatment of diseases and disorders such as celiac disease, psoriasis, irritable bowel and other forms of gluten intolerance.


Mr.Yasu Jinen, Born in 1947 in Japan, a Chiropractor, and specialist in Medical Yoga. He has trained many yoga teachers in Japan, conducting yoga retreats in Japan and as well as in India. He is bringing Sadhakas and yoga practitioners to understand the Yogic values and Vedic culture, to the Himalayas every year from 2004 to this year. He has been teaching Yoga in the maternity clinics, where he has helped more than 1500 pregnant ladies with inverted babies. As a yoga therapist, he works on lower back problems, neck problems, and other critical health issues. Founder of Jinen Yoga Family at Usuki City, Oita, Japan.


Mr.Giacomo Braglia, young international artist from Switzerland, with many international Exhibitions (Biennale of Venice 2019, Art Cologne 2018, Contini Art UK Gallery 2017). His work captures the true essence of daily life, creating an emotional response and enabling the viewer to distinguish new information; revealed in the details and aesthetic values of each composition. He has shared experiences with photographers such as Enzo Barracco and Giorgia Panzera. His grandfather Gabriele has had a significant influence on him and his photographic developments.


Ms.Sindhutai Sapkal, affectionately known as the “Mother of Orphans”, is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work in raising orphaned children in India. She has nurtured over 1,050 orphaned children. Many of the children whom she adopted are well-educated lawyers and doctors. She has been honoured with over 273 awards for her dedication and work. She used award money to buy land to make a home for her children. She is still looking for more help from the world. Sanmati Bal Niketan is being built in Manjari locality at Hadapsar, Pune where over 300 children will reside.

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